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San Pietro’s Island coast consists of a sequence of cosy bays lapped by crystalline waters and dark cliffs overlooking the sea: a blue paradise for relax. In Carloforte you’ll find untouched beaches surrounded by a flourishing green and perfumed Mediterranean Maqis.
All the beaches can be reached easily through provincial roads, starting from the centre of the village, located near the hotel. A shuttle service is also available.

Among the variety of beaches, we have selected 8 of the most distinctive:


Just a few kilometres from “Il Giunco”, Girin’s two small bays, divided by a cliff from each other, stand out for their white sand and transparent, clear waters. Sheltered from the wind, these beaches are particularly suitable to families.

Carloforte beaches - Beautiful coast Beautiful cliff in St. Peter’s Island

Punta Nera

This beach, south of Girin, takes its name from the dark cliff separating the two shores. From there you can admire a natural cave where some archaeological findings, dated approx. 3.000 years B.C., have been discovered.


Proceeding on the provincial road 31, you come across the charming Guidi beach, very well known for its peculiar blue crystalline waters and surrounding Mediterranean Maquis. The beach can be reached through a suggestive country path. During the summer season it is also possible to relax in the kiosk-bar and admire the sea from its terrace.

Carloforte beaches - amazing seaside Amazing seaside

La Bobba

Not too far from “Le Colonne” and enclosed in green cliffs, lies the enchanting La Bobba beach. Its turquoise waters and short sea-floors make La Bobba one of the most appreciated destination for swimming. You may enjoy a tasty meal or ice cream in the Kiosk, a few steps from the shore, where beach chairs and umbrellas are available on rent. From the beach origins the path that leads to the well known “Faraglioni le Colonne”, most representative rocks of San Pietro’s Island.

Beautiful beaches Carloforte The coast of St. Peter’s Island (Carloforte)

La Caletta

Amazing bay of light and soft sand surrounded by dark rocks, La Caletta is at approx. 8 km from Carloforte and when wind blows, it is particularly suitable for windsurfing. The beach is also setting for delightful soirees and evening appetizers, made more suggestive by the typical red and warm sunsets.

Carloforte beaches - La Caletta La Caletta beach

Cala Fico

On the provincial road 104 that form Carloforte’s Harbor leads to Capo Sandalo. Fascinating gravelly-sand bay surrounded by grey rocks, this beach resembles the features of a peaceful, moonlike landscape and with its deep seafloors is attended by snorkelling and diving lovers. In Cala Fico lodges the protected oasis Lipu, where you can experience interesting tours and observe the king’s falcon, rare predator who picked the island as preferred place for nesting.

Beaches Carloforte - Cala Fico Cala Fico

La Conca

La Conca can be reached trough provincial road 102. At the end of a path surrounded by thin Mediterranean Maquis, lies a wonderful natural pool, lapped by incredible clear waters with green-blue nuances and embedded by cliffs overlooking the sea. The bay is also rich in caves. If you are a passionate of cliffs, dips and underwater fishing, La Conca deserves definitely a stop.

carloforte beaches - la Conca The beautiful La Conca

Carloforte’s beautiful beaches